Hero of Hearts Novel Chapter 4839

However, there are still many people who cannot understand why these terrorists,Those who came from outside the country did not target big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya,But instead found a small place between Osaka and Nagoya to carry out terrorist attacks. Read Hero of Hearts Chapter 4839

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Read Hero of Hearts Chapter 4839

But didn’t steal anything before, but just took an egg from the chicken nest.

The Japanese security department was busy bringing the suspects caught at the scene to Osaka for interrogation,

And their chief, also immersed in the joy of this turnaround,

He was a bit overwhelmed when he saw the growing number of questions on the Internet.

But he did not dwell too much on this issue, after all, the story is told,

Anyway, they did capture a group of foreign forces, this even dead and more than

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