I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2722-2723

Lanita heard it, and Arron was extremely disgusted with her.Her heart was like being pierced by ten thousand needles, painful, ashamed, and annoyed.But he was afraid of Arron.Just about to say a few pretentious coquettish words, that end’Bang! ‘Hung up the phone. I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2722-2723

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“What’s the matter with Lanita?” Moira asked quickly.“Mom…Fu Siye…he doesn’t agree to come to discuss our marriage. Will he…know something?”

Lanita cried in fright: “Will you find out that I’m pretending to be Suzi? Mom, what should I do? Arron is killing people like a numb, I’m afraid…uuuu.”

Moira and Jarod also frightened Liushen Wuzhu.The whole afternoon, the family spent the whole afternoon in panic, until the servant came in and reported: “Mr., madam, Suzi is here, saying that he is here to take pictures of her and her mother.”

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