His True Colors Chapter 4221-4222

Hearing the two openly discuss this in front of the monster, the monster only feels full of disrespect.He roared angrily, and the anti-Buddha was saying that if you two little ones still want to eat me, I will make you cramps and bones.The old man smiled coldly: “Okay, then I will give you a gluttonous feast, so that you can eat enough at a time.” As soon as. Read His True Colors Chapter 4221-4222

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Read His True Colors Chapter 4221-4222

The golden light restraint keeps shrinking, trying to com

press the black wind directly to the smallest state.“Don’t be careless, use all your strength.”

George Han nodded obediently after hearing the old man’s ins

tructions. He could now clearly feel that Heifeng’s attack on him had weakened a loTherefore, at this time, he can pull out his hand and use all his strength directly according to the old man’s words.

Full push!In an instant, George Han no longer retreated, but on the contrary, he was evenly matched

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