How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 80

The name ‘Sodom’ in the title referred to the people of the northern Romagna region of Italy, and ‘Holy Grail’ was a metaphor for the holy site of the Vatican City. And as for lucky me, I was reincarnated as Rudbeckia—the pope’s only daughter. I, Rudbeckia, was destined to die, and to die no less than at the hands of my future husband. My father and oldest brother, in an attempt to gain even more political influence, were hellbent on marrying off Rudbecki. Read How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 80

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As to why someone as noble and austere as Izek would lose his mind and decide to murder his wife’s entire family after only being married for six months, it was Rudbeckia who made him go crazy. It wasn’t love that made him lose his mind, it was hatred—hatred of Rudbeckia, who’d poisoned his little sister. Cesare had miscalculated the severity of Izek’s rage. When I think about it though, more than being mad about Rudbeckia killing his little sister, it seems like Izek just got fed up with his backstabbing b*tch of a wife and ended up killing her. Regardless, it’s clear that Rudbeckia was following Cesare’s orders, and, if my vague memories are correct, Rudbeckia didn’t exactly have the greatest of personalities either.

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