I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2728-2729

The folks who once oppressed her are becoming happier and extra wealthy. And she, her destiny was ruined, she became pregnant after she was unmarried, and no person knew the name of the daddy of the kid in her belly.

Looking on the pair of golden boys and women in front of him, Suzi felt like a clown.

I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2728-2729

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It seems that Lanita requested her to take the picture of her mother is fake, is it authentic to show off her boyfriend in front of her?

Covering up his unhappiness, Suzi said flatly, “Where can I, a tainted lady, visit discover Mr. Jingui? I just joked. Since your family has guests, I won’t trouble more. Please take my mother’s picture. Give it to me, I’ll go away right away.”

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