I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2730-2731

At this moment, she patronized with trepidation, and she simply forgot that she had just told Suzi yesterday that she asked Suzi to pick up old photos of Suzi’s mother.In fact, Lanita wanted to show her affection with Arron in front of Suzi, so that Suzi could die!Unexpectedly, Arron flatly refused to come here. I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2730-2731

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“Wait a minute! I’ll go tell her!” Lanita got up and walked out.

One afternoon, Lanita’s crying eyes were swollen, and her hair was very messy.

he forgot to look in the mirror and rushed out.

“Shen b!tch! You b!tch who does that kind of business, come to my house and mess up my house again,

my house doesn’t welcome you! Get out now!” Lanita said viciously.

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