Hero of Hearts Novel Chapter 4878

“Even if we will by no means return to Japan in the destiny, it does now not depend,”

“We can nevertheless make the Iga ninja bigger and more potent distant places!”

Hattori Hanzo nodded approvingly and asked,

“By the manner, Mr. Wade asked us to return over, what exactly are the orders?”

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Surprised, Hanzo asked, “Has something took place?”

Kazuo nodded and stated with trouble to hide his pain,

“Our Iga Castle has turn out to be a break ……”

“What?” Hattori Hanzo’s jaw dropped as he listened and blurted out,

“We just left the county not long in the past,”

“Everything inside the county become nevertheless first-rate whilst we left, how should it become a ruin?”


Kazuo noticed that his father knew nothing about what turned into taking place in Japan,

So he hurriedly told him all of the news he had received.

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