I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2768-2769

After closing the thread, Suzi controlled to manage her emotions and came returned again. She smiled at Shanna: “Mom, I have had a cold these days, and my tears and nose are constantly flowing collectively. It virtually makes you giggle.”

“Xiangxiang, mom wants to provide you with a wonder.” Shanna said, taking Suzi’s hand.

“What surprise?” Suzi blurted out.

I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2768-2769

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“I said it become a wonder. I really can’t tell you in advance.” Shanna sold her off, after which drove her away: “Don’t constantly accompany my vintage girl. Yi, go quick.”

Knowing that he become penniless, Suzi couldn’t say something.

However, she simply took advantage of this possibility to exit to find a process, and she have to implement the process as quickly as viable to be self-reliant.

In the afternoon, Suzi went to the Lin circle of relatives to pay returned the cash.


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