I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2770-2771

While expecting the bus, she heard several passers-by discussing: “It’s smooth to do things when you have money. A wedding ceremony can be held in sooner or later.”

“Is it hard? Everything is prepared now. Isn’t it smooth to get a marriage?”

“It should be an engagement? How can a circle of relatives just like the Fu family be so low-key if they maintain a marriage?”

“I additionally think it must be an engagement dinner party rather than a marriage dinner party. The wedding have to be greater grandiose than this.”

I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2770-2771

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“Tsk tsk, rich people are right, an engagement ceremonial dinner can be organized in one day.”

Several people watching for the bus had been discussing Fu’s wedding with gusto.

Fu own family?

Is it a person from Arron?

After final night, Suzi’s view of Arron changed a chunk, and he felt that he became no longer such a chilly and ruthless man.

The bus came, and Suzi took the bus to Lin’s residence.


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