I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2772-2773

Seeing that she really placed 50,000 yuan at the coffee table in in the future, Moira’s Qiqiao made smoke: “Have you robbed?”

“This has nothing to do with you. Please make a note with me, we are able to clear the two inside the future.” Suzi passed the pen and paper to Moira.

I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2772-2773

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Moira raised her hand and knocked it away: “Since the money is so clean, of path you could’t just provide us 50,000 yuan! Eight years, 500,000 yuan is not plenty, proper?”

Suzi: “……”

“Moira, Lanita!” At this moment, Jarod entered the door and shouted excitedly: “Great information! The day after tomorrow, Arron will keep an engagement banquet with Lanita!”


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