His True Colors Chapter 4267-4268

In the middle of the hall, Pei Gu also led the elders of the Pei circle of relatives to arrive urgently. Their faces were traumatic, and the primary town of Fangfo turned into going through a few kind of calamity presently.

In reality, it have to be so.

Because the long cry that cut through the sky turned into honestly an emergency order from the Pei own family. This order commonly does not

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sound, but once it does sound, it must mean that the Pei family is dealing with first rate risk, and might even be on the verge of existence and dying.

“What’s the situation, spies, spies?” Pei Gu shouted in a hurry.

Under the court docket, the executives and elite disciples of the Pei circle of relatives all arrived, however they have been obviously in a daze, and they were extremely harassed.

After some time, a disciple of the Pei circle of relatives in white quickly ran from the outer corridor, and observed him in, the messy court in the end regained its peace and tranquility.

“Report!” The

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