Hero of Hearts Novel Chapter 4887

But the Japanese public could not be calm and in an instant,

Countless humans at the Internet raged against the Iga ninja, calling them the disgrace of Japan.

Some people even proposed to look for the Iga ninja all over Japan and arrest all of them,

And placed them in jail. Some proper-wingers even referred to as on the biggest Yamaguchi organization in Japan,

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Read Hero of Hearts Chapter 4887

To seek out and kill the Iga ninja so as to cleanse Japan of traitors.

Hanzo and Kazuo, father and son, saw the overwhelming insults on the Internet and nearly fainted from the ache.

Japan’s fatherland safety department turned into additionally dumbfounded.

The authentic is to get hold of a tip to seize a collection of human beings,

Intended to take benefit of the possibility to give them a bigger crime,

So as to repair the face of the previous loss,


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