His True Colors Chapter 4273-4274

“This matter, maybe it is my fault, but, in this afflicted season, don’t hurt your own peace, just do your quality , to combat in opposition to the foreign enemy together. Otherwise, the enemy will come, and we are able to be smashed to pieces.” After the

words have been completed, Pei Gu looked at anybody.

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Read His True Colors Chapter 4273-4274


But among the crowd, there has been not the previous obedience and obedience. Instead, they grew to become their heads to 1 aspect, and their expressions had been manifestly full of disdain and dissatisfaction.

Stop making problem, that’s due to the fact they do have a common enemy to face up to, however it doesn’t mean that Pei Gu can nevertheless convince the general public now.

“So, when this matter is over, Pei Gu will take the blame.” Pei Gu softened.

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