Hero of Hearts Novel Chapter 4888

Adam said helplessly: “Dad, this time we cannot blame our intelligence personnel,”“Mainly due to the fact the kidnappers are too foxy, they without a doubt did no longer go away a single clue,”“Intelligence officials are suitable at following the vine to locate the melon,”“To strip the cocoon, but the premise is to have a vine to sense,”“There are silk to draw, not to say our intelligence personnel,”“Even the officials

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have no clues about the case to date ……”Dawson all of sudden remembered something, said off the cuff:“Right! What did the police say? That Duncan Li isn’t a Chinese detective?”“He has additionally been investigating, why is there no motion thus far?”“This ……” Adam said resentfully, “I didn’t contact Duncan, I can’t p!Ss in the identical pot with this man.”

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