His True Colors Chapter 4279-4280

That’s now not it, just like George Han’s rubbish, it’s dangerous to humans alive, and it’s also arubbish dragging oil bottle when it’s dead. I sincerely spit it out, fu** you.”Obviously, concerning Amelia Su’s rhetoric, Everyone changed into disappointed, and even after they heard the name George Han, they might increase their anger again.Pei Gu additionally showed his dissatisfaction. He had already put the protection of the two ladies to the first-rate of his capacity to quell this count, however he could never have imagined that Amelia Su turned into nevertheless dreaming this sort of silly dream even now.

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Read His True Colors Chapter 4279-4280

“Miss Su, the forbidden area for demise wherein George Han is located has completely exploded, now not to mention the mortals in George Han District, even the Daluo Immortal, I am afraid that they’ve already been buried in it, so it is higher no longer to open this type of joke, in any other case If you do, this isn’t best not funny, but it’s going to handiest make human beings disgusted. You, hurry up and go away.” Pei Gu said.

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