I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2780-2781

Can’t help feeling in her heart: Why is Lanita’s life so excellent?

Suzi walked out lamentably.

“Stop!” Moira stood in the front of Suzi, “Five hundred thousand!”

“What did you say?” Jarod checked out Moira in astonishment.

I’m Sorry My Love Chapter 2780-2781

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“We have raised her for 8 years. We provide for her to consume and dress for her admission to university, and we additionally want to peer her brief-lived mother. Is it due to the fact the wind blows the cash!” Moira looked at Jarod fiercely.

Jarod: “Moira! Don’t neglect…”

“I don’t overlook what I don’t! Don’t neglect her surname is Shen, she isn’t always Lin!” Moira snatched Jarod’s phrases and said.

Jarod become silent for a second.

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