His True Colors Chapter 4287-4288

“But , those monsters are continually just monsters. It is not clean to cope with them with the elite energy of my Pei circle of relatives, however it’s far in no way difficult. The most tough thing is them. “With Pei Hu’s big finger, Pei Gu regarded around, and his eyes stopped at Ming Yu and other minions who have been hiding dozens of meters in the back of the monsters.Almost all the figures have been protected in darkness, now not to say preventing, simply looking , is enough to make the scalp sense numb.

Read His True Colors Chapter 4287-4288

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Read Chapter 4287-4288

Read His True Colors Chapter 4287-4288


“At least one hundred thousand troops, if you add the east, west, south, and three aspects, the

total is as a minimum 200,000. Father, the state of affairs is essential. “

Without Pei Hu saying it, Pei Gu also can understand the strength of it: “How many human beings do we have now?” “

“But a trifling 20,000 horses. After the phrases had been completed, Pei Hu reduced his head barely: “Just now, some of the lonely teams have arrived outside the city. After our rescue, a few people got here in alive. But…”

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