His True Colors Chapter 4307-4308

The surrounding place is deadly, even in case you appearance down from under the town wall, you may’t assist however see that everybody’s scalp is numb. ,

Then Amelia Su is like a grain of sand within the sea, in the encirclement, she appears so small and small, and he or she is so pitiful and helpless.

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Seeing this sort of scene, Pei Gu couldn’t help however feel traumatic. Even if the youngsters of the Pei own family had been no longer within the metropolis, and even if George Han’s lifestyles and dying were unknown, or even had a excessive probability of demise, he had no intention of treating them as VIP visitors. It become also very painful to look at. ,

“Quick, quick, short, at once open the metropolis gate, and on the identical time, prepare troops to rescue!” Pei Gu shouted loudly, for worry that he might omit the great

time for rescue a little too overdue.

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