His True Colors Chapter 4315-4316

those words got here out, others right away agreed: “Yes, Patriarch, what the son stated makes sense. The essential town has already ushered in a disaster. If the town hadn’t helped us protect towards it, I’m afraid we might have already been destroyed. In this manner, the metropolis is our most effective reliance at gift, if the town gate is opened wide… this… that is equivalent to putting tigers into the flock, clearly

Read His True Colors Chapter 4315-4316

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Read Chapter 4315-4316

Read His True Colors Chapter 4315-4316

not possible .”

“Patriarch, don’t open the metropolis gate. In the end, even though those two girls are in a dangerous situation now, it’s miles their personal fault. The Pei family in no way asked them to do something. They pretended to be capable and acted recklessly. They need to take it upon themselves.”

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